What a Well-rounded Music Education should mean for all students

By | 11 May, 2016

12079594693_aee01d902aIn “What a Well-rounded Music Education should mean for all students”, Maud Hickey discusses how the US Government bets for music as part of the school, after realising that a diverse curriculum improves creativity and is a too for a better life. Hickey raises the example coming from her own experience with prison music programs with spectacular results with 12-18-year-old residents. Residents in the majority of these program engage in making choices, they compose, they tell their stories; and the centers that host these programs see positive differences in the residents as a result.

Hickey also discusses the need of designing good programs of music education which entail real experiencies for everybody. For this, there is a need to think more imaginatively about the kind of music curricular offerings provided in a K-12 school day in order to indeed be more “well-rounded.”


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