Music classes do not offer the music that the most students want to learn

music productionClint Randles, professor of Music Education at University of South Florida, tells with the article “Why music lessons need to keep up with the times” that he can appreciate how his students love music, but they do not like the musical options which are offered by the school. If the average American teens spend almost 4 hours and a half per day listening to music (which is created digitally and produced through software, keyboards, guitars and drums kits) that inspires and motivates them, why does the school continue carrying on the musical conservatory model with roots in Western European music since teens do not identify with this? “Music classes should teach students to create, record and share their own music”, Randless says.

In view of this situation, we can wonder why has music education not adhered to these changes and it is still affixed to the past practises. An alternative should be that the music teacher turns into a music producer, so he or she would help his or her students to create their own music themselves, using economically manageable resources currently, like the computer and internet, so that students can experience their creative vision of making music actively that comes fron their personal interests.

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