Tone Deaf: Reflections on the National Association for Music Education

“Tone Deaf: Reflections on the National Association for Music Education” makes a reflection about an article that tells what happened in a national meeting of Art in USA. After the mishap, which Michael Butera spoke about Black and Latino people’s handicap for the music field, Kery McCord hit the roof wondering how this stance may come from someone who represents an association that interacts with the lawmakers in this topic, because these two groups of people are not the music education’s problem.

Jazzing_orchestra_1921The article’s author connects the «no-diversity» position in music education with the precedent oppression from “white” society over “black” one. The most music tradition has ignorated “black” people’s the context and music experiences which tell the suffered inequalities for some years. Thus, the music education’s role is set out as a tool to treat these awful practises, because of its expressive and incitement function to the emotion. Furthermore, it is spoken about the music’s power to reflect in this situation, as well as to establish a dialogue in order to abolish these practises which were the model to found a wrong idea of society.

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